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cuStudent Loans – An affordable Private Student Loan Program

cuStudent Loans
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St. Cloud Federal Credit Union
  • Affordable
  • Simple To Apply
  • Fast Pre-Approval

Note: You do not have to be a current credit union member to apply through our web site. However, to receive the loan, you must join the credit union before the final loan approval. Anyone can join if they live, work, or worship in Stearns, Benton, or Sherburne county, or are an immediate family member of one of our members.

Link to helpful videos: Student’s Guide to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Here’s a good CBS News article about “Private College Loans: 7 Things You Need To Know”, from March 2012.

Our low-cost Student Loan is designed to meet your education needs. (** See bottom of this page.)

  • Zero Origination Fees for all qualified student borrowers.
  • Competitive interest rates and with good grades, get even lower rates.
  • 1% interest rate reduction once 10% of the loan principal is repaid during the full repayment period.
  • 30-day no-fee return policy allows you to cancel the loan if you find a better option.
  • Cosigner Release available after 24 consecutive on-time principal + interest payments.
  • Borrow as little as $2,000 or up to Cost of Attendance per year for a maximum of $120,000 in undergraduate loans or $160,000 in graduate loans.

It can be used to pay for qualified education expenses including:

- Tuition
- Room & board
- Books & computer
- Even past due tuition bills

More Information

  • Complete the loan application
  • Send in supporting documents
  • Get instant pre-approval
  • Receive check within 2 weeks

Also check out the College Resource Center.

Student Loan Q&A

Q: Am I eligible for a cuStudent Loan?
A: The borrower must be a Credit Union member or become a member during the application process, as well as:

* Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
* Be enrolled at least half-time in an eligible school
* Meet minimum credit requirements

Q: What is the importance of a Cosigner?
A: Applying with a creditworthy cosigner not only increases your chance of approval, but also may lead to a lower loan interest rate and fewer fees.

Q: What are some tips to keep in mind?

A: Remember to:

* Exhaust all federal loans
* Get started early
* Reduce interest expense
* Only request the amount you need for the current academic period

For more information, also check out the College Resource Center.

** Private student loans should be used as supplemental funding after exhausting all other sources of financial aid, including grants, scholarships, and federal student loans. Federal loans offer more attractive terms when compared to most other borrowing options, including private student loans. For more information on federal loans, visit

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