Youth Accounts

A Youth Savings account is for members younger than age 16. This account exempts young members from the low-balance inactive fee which is tied to the Primary Savings. Also available to young people age 12 and under is the Star Savers Program, which encourages boys and girls to save.

Benefits of Youth Savings

  • Low minimum balance – Only $25.00
  • No fees
  • Dividend Figured Daily and Paid Monthly
  • Payroll Deduction
  • FREE Telephone Transfers
  • FREE Balance Inquires
  • FREE 24 Hour Voice Response – account access by phone

Additional Benefits of the Star Savers Program

  • Helps youth understand the importance of saving
  • Special incentives given for deposits made
  • Special prizes given when account is opened

Boys and Girls, join the Star Savers Club at St. Cloud Federal Credit Union. The Star Savers Club is for girls and boys up through 12 years of age.

We encourage you to save money every chance you get, and to have fun doing it. Our Star Savers Club mascot TWINKLE N. STAR is here to help you, and he has a special Star Savers Bank just for you!

Best of all, it’s FREE to be a Star Saver.

Here’s how you become a Star Saver: Open a Youth Savings Account at the Credit Union with an initial deposit of $10 or more. Parents – if your children already have a Credit Union savings account, that can be their Star Savers account.

  • Receive a personal Star Savers Membership Card.

How to Become a Member and Open Your Youth Savings Account

Come by the Credit Union office to sign the Signature Card.
If you are not a current member, make a one-time deposit of $10.00 (A $10 minimum balance must be maintained at all times in the primary savings account, in order to maintain active membership).

Who is Twinkle N. Star?

Twinkle N. StarOnce upon a time, in the neighborhood of the Little Dipper, there lived a young star named Twinkle N. Star. (The “N” stands for “NorthStar”, his father’s name.) Twinkle was the youngest star in his neighborhood, and he was also the brightest. He liked to try new things.

One day, he was pretending to be a shooting star when he fell all the way to Earth. He landed outside St. Cloud Federal Credit Union in St. Cloud Minnesota. He decided he wanted to live in the St. Cloud-Sartell area. He learned that everyone who lives or works in Stearns County, Benton County, or Sherburne County can join St. Cloud Federal Credit Union. So he became a member and started the Star Savers Club for all the boys and girls who are Credit Union members.

Notice to Parents: St. Cloud Federal Credit Union does not solicit information from children anywhere on our web site. As a matter of fact, we do not require that any visitors to our web pages submit any personal information in order to access our site. To read our general Privacy Policy, click here.

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