Money Market Accounts

The Money Market Insured Investment Account gives our members a unique combination of benefits. It pays a higher yield than Primary Savings and still keeps your money liquid. The account can also be opened as an IRA.

Benefits of the Money Market Insured Investment Account

  • Only $2,000 is required to open and maintain the Money Market account.
  • Multiple Dividend Tiers — the greater the balance, the higher the dividend. Click to view the rates.
  • The Money Market account earns a higher yield than Primary Savings.
  • Member money remains liquid in the Money Market account.
  • No Penalty on withdrawals or when closing the account.
  • Dividends Figured Daily and Paid Monthly.
  • Payroll Deduction available.
  • FREE Balance Inquires.
  • FREE 24 Hour Voice Response – account access by phone.

How to Become a Member and Open Your Money Market Account.

Come by the Credit Union office to complete your membership enrollment, and to sign the Signature Card.
If you are not a current member, make a separate one-time deposit of $10.00 (A $10 minimum balance must be maintained at all times in a regular savings account, in order to maintain active membership).

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